About 4% less furniture produced in Germany in 2013

According to official FSO data  in Germany in 2013 it was produced furniture with a value of 16,1 billion euro. It means a 4 percentage decrease in compare to the result 16,8 billion euro from  2012. Those values are counted according to NACE 31 code of goods. Decrease in furniture production has its own reflection in sales results.

Both domestic and foreign sale in 2013,  it was noted a negative dynamic in compare to the previous year. Domestic sales decreased by about 8%, but to EU countries by 5%. Positive dynamic (1.07) was observed only in the case of sale to the  non EU countries.
Germany is the main trade partner of Polish furniture industry.  Furniture export from Poland to Germany in 2013 grew by 2 percentage points in compare to 2012 and it achieved 2,6 billion euro.