Desk for Polish offices also from import.

Furniture market of institutional clients in recent years improved significantly. The importance of customer service quality and thereby the importance of furniture quality in service points, increased in the service sector such as: banks, mobile, medical and many different industries. Demand for desks, wardrobes and armchairs is also caused by the growth of public administration. Manufacturers did a great job in making people aware of the influence of ergonomic armchairs to the employees efficiency.

But this segment of furniture market is also difficult to estimate, due to a large diversity of furniture needs of selected subjects from agri-food, productive, service, education and administration sectors.

Institutional furniture market gives manufacturers opportunities to development. Just like in the case of home furniture, a big part of production is going to export, mainly to Germany.
It should be noted that furniture import for institutional clients is about 57% of domestic production, that is more than in the case of home furniture. Even if we take into account that a part of import are furniture elements, still the degree of importers expansion is large in this segment. So manufacturers have to catch up.

Unit    Results by 2012 
Production of office and shop furniture Million euro 437
Import of office and shop furniture Million euro 271
Export of office and shop furniture Million euro 611
Balance  Million euro  133 

Results are provided from the report of “ Furniture market of institutional clients” which was prepared by B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis.