Economic indicators for May are unsatisfying but better than those in the previous year.

The current general economic situation of furniture enterprises doesn’t look  good. In May furniture production was minus 8,2. In a one year perspective it means that is only slightly better, because total economic situation in May 2012 was minus 8,3.

Domestic and foreign backlog of orders was minus 13.3 in May of that year, but in previous year was 23.6. Compare these two results  we can see significant improvement. However, compared to April 2013 it is a decrease for 0,3.

The current foreign backlog of orders indicator is not good. Unfortunately in May it was minus 16,0. It means that this is the worst result since the beginning o this year.  However, in May the indicator was minus 18,2.

Since the beginning of this year, the results of current production are negative all the time. In May, the current production was minus 13.5 and worse in this year was only  in February.

Compared the most important indicators we can see, that result for May of this year are better than in the previous year. Unfortunately,  there are not results which give a hope for better situation in furniture industry .  Some of them for May are also the worst results since the beginning of this year.

Total economic situation indicator is better. In May it was minus 3,1 whereas in April it was minus 4.1. In May of the previous year it was minus 6.9 .