Export of Polish furniture higher by a billion PLN

2014 seems to be a good year for Polish furniture exporters. Forecasts are optimistic.

Probably in 2014 furniture export will be higher by a billion euro. The total situation will be good. We should noted, that much higher because the double-digit will be export to developing non-European countries. To EU countries it will be on three percentage level, which means stability.

Furniture export forecasts by B+R Studio for the whole 2014 informs about 7,3 billion euro, which is a good result. To remind, we should noted that in 2013 the forecast was lower by about 6% . We can’t ignore a good summary of 2013, which was a record. As B+R Studio reported, the estimations of furniture export value for the past year was 6,9 billion euro.

Polish manufacturers feel more confident on non-European markets.  This year, the value of export will grow again, so we can expect another big success of Polish furniture industry. That’s good news for this year. Polish manufacturers once again will mark their membership to the world’s top of furniture exporters.