Furniture manufacturers want to employ

Estimates about forecasted employment in furniture industry since July 2013,  indicate on managers optimism. In July the rate was +5,2  in August it was +14,3 and in September +12,6. Because of economic situation rate which mentions  about  employment forecasts by the last two years ( with incidental breaks even to 2008), was negative so plans about to increase an employment should be regard as significant for situation in industry. In analyse period, the economic situation indicators in the scope  forecasted employment in furniture industry was the highest among all manufacturing industries!

According to CSO publication ’Outlays and results in industry’  the number of employees in furniture industry in all companies, regardless of thier size,  at the end of the first half of 2013 has decreased by the year for about 2,7% ( that are 3 500 job positions). The total number of employees in this period was 123,9 thousand.

The highest decrease in employment , because about 5% – occured in small companies. In this group there is also the lowest number of employees – 25 thousand people. About 2 % decrease in number of emlpoyees we can notice in medium and large companies.

Table. Employment in furniture industry – I quarter of 2013

Employment I-II quarter of 2013 in thousand I-II quarter of 2012 in thousand I-II quarter of 2012 = 100
Total companies 123,9 127,4 97,3
Medium and large companies 98,9 101,2 97,7
Small companies 25,0 26,2 95,4

Results for furniture industry should be very optimistic. The last results are very important and it’s worth to mention about them. The sold furniture production value in August of 2013 was 2 billion 396,4 million PLN. During this month it was noted an improvement of the result for over 13% in the whole industry. The result of sold furniture production in August is the highest,  since the beggining of the year.