Furniture – Polish intelligent specialization

Many patterns of Polish furniture has been patneted not only in Poland but also in Europe and in the whole world. Polish designers win awards on the Interantional competitions. Companies invest in innovations both: running own development product sectors  and buying furniture. It turns out, that inteligent Polish specialization is furniture.

Domestic manufacturers focus more on cooperation with creative and science sectors. They reach for the latest engineering and ergonomic achievements, which are very significant for this sector. In companies there are also formed product development sectors, where specialists of many different disciplines work together – including engineers with physioterapists and psychologists. Talented designers and respected researchers, involvement of company are the image of industry, which become Polish specialization.

New perspective of financing should take into account our specialty that is furniture. The proof of this, is the share of Polish furniture in EU production is constantly increasing for several years. In 2012 it was already 8,4%. The share of sold production in Poland in relation to  domestic GDP in 2011 was 2,1%, whereas in EU it was 0,5%. There is a neccesity of system look.

Furniture sector has an ability to create and implement of innovations. Moreover, this is an open industry able also to absorb innovations, which they do.

Furniture from furniture sector build their positions not on the basis of creativie abilities. In order to work effectively,  they exhibit their science and technological creativity. And what can’t be missed – they don’t use old tools to solve current problems. The sector can adapt to new conditions. It works smart and knows how to succeed.