Furniture records of Poles

Polish furniture industry in 2013 achieved a lot of successes and probably it will set another records so we should be aware of that. In a global context this sector has got a high position.

First record. Furniture production, which in 2013  is likely to achieve 30,5 billion PLN, what means the beating of previous record.

Polish furniture industry will get  the seventh position among the global players. It’s necessary to emphasize the success, which is the production value, because in this year furniture companies had to deal with a passive attitude on the domestic market.That’s why  the next record is very optimistic and motivates to the further work.

Second record. Good news to furniture export. It’s estimated that export value will get 6,9 billion euro by 2013. Poland will be the fourth exporter in value categories and the second exporter in volume categories of furniture export in global terms. This is an international success.

It is also worth to mention, that very positive fact in export is that exporters quite often were looking for  new markets besides EU countries  and even besides our continent.

After those successes, it will be necessary to take more efforts such as work on the brand – Polish furniture and actions for intelligent specialization.