Furniture sold production increased

Furniture sold production increased by comparing the latest results for May 2013 to the last year.

Furniture sold production in May 2013 compared to the same period of 2012 increased. It’s good news considering the seasonality context of furniture production, which according to latest data for May was 2 134, million PLN but for May of 2012 it was 2 040,8 million PLN.

The result for May deserves for special mention in the context of slowing down. Although it is slightly weaker than in April of 2013, when sold production was 2 291,2 million PLN, it should emphasized that this is an effect of seasonality production. We should also mention about cumulative result for the period of  I-V, which shows an increase of 2,7%. It’ is good news considering that GDP for the first quarter of this year increased only by 0,5%.

Sold production index for May 2013 was 105,2 whereas in the same period of 2012 it was only 98,6.

In fact, holidays have become a season of lower industry production so we shouldn’t expect growth in the coming months. We can’t ignore information about slow export growth.  The wave of optimism can be signals of production moving from China to Poland.