Good streak in furniture production continues

Every month we follow information about furniture sold production value and for the last 12 months it was very satisfactory. We should mention, that furniture production value of small, medium and large companies in the I quarter of 2014 amounted to 15,5 million PLN. Taking into account the improvement in moods and the size of incomes in the second half of 2013,  we can expect that that the tempo of growth in the 2014 will be lower than in the I quarter of this year. The growth dynamic  of sold furniture for the I quarter 2014 was 1,14 in current prices. The expected result in the half year is 1,04. At the same, the average growth dynamic in the whole 2014 is estimated for 1,09. If this scenario will confirm, it would mean, that furniture production value in 2014 exceeds 34 billion PLN.

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