Improving of moods in making important purchases

In August 2014 improved  the assessments about current purchasing by consumers ( growth for about 1,1 %). It’s only value, which consist of the current consumer confidence indicator (CCI), which improved according to the previous month. CCI describing current tendencies of individual consumption was lower for about 2,4 % according to July and it was minus 19,5. The value of the component about assessments of future economic situation in country had the greatest impact on the decrease in value of current consumer confidence indicator.

In the case of leading consumer confidence indicator, which describes expected in coming months  tendencies in individual consumption in August, was on the level minus 25 according to minus 21,2 in the previous month. Assessments in the most of indicator components  are more pessimistic than in July 2014.  The possibility of future saving money was estimated better ( growth by 2%). Both CCI and LCCI in August 2014, reached higher values according to the same period of 2013. There was noticed a growth respectively by about 5,8 % and 6,8 %.