Manufacturers improved their results

Data about furniture sold production value by 2013 is available. According to the CSO, the furniture production value of small, medium and large companies for the previous year was 28,3 billion PLN. The achieved result requires an explanation  – we should remember that it doesn’t include micro companies data – full data will be able in May.

We can’t forget about one thing. 2013 ( 28,3 billion PLN) was better by about 5,6% than it was in 2012. To remind, analogical sold production value by 2012 was 26,8 billion PLN.

Let’s mention something about monthly data. Furniture sold production by 2013 was 2 216 million PLN. It means an increase by 11 % in compare to December 2012 ( when sold production was only 1 997 million PLN ). The result from December 2013 is the lowest since August. The dynamic to the result from November was 83,8 – in November the furniture sold production value was 2 648 million PLN. Despite the decline in December,  last year should be estimated positively.

B+R Studio estimations indicate that furniture sold production value by 2013 for the whole population of furniture companies will achieve 30,5 billion PLN. According to them, the record result from 2011 would be beaten. We have to wait until May, to get to know the final result of furniture industry.