Market of wood based panels in Poland 2013 report

Market of wood based panels in Poland is a specific area of commercial contact with concentrated group of manufacturers on one side and a group of thousands users on the other. In two thirds, panels go to furniture industry and the third part goes to  broadly defined furniture industry. Only few percent go to other industries.

In the report you can find formulated data about panels supply- production value, production volume and data about import of panels to Poland. In this part we examined seasonality of production, average prices of panels imported to Poland and we presented the ways of panels import.

Supply data were confronted with information about demand.  We presented  the demand balance for panels according to industries and voivodeships and data about export of panels. The report is also expanded by a list of industries which import and export panels.

Development of economic situation and prices in the industry of wood based panels is the result of the situation in whole Europe. That’s why we paid an attention on changing productive potential in individual European countries  and predicted changes in regulations.

A comprehensive look at the panel industry allows to better understand the mechanisms of construction contract and it’s also a strategic tool for the preparation of trade negotiations. Information included in the report ‘Market of wood based panels 2013’ is a strategic knowledge for both: panel manufacturers and furniture, carpentry, construction manufacturers.

This report should be on the desk or in the tablet of every manager.

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