Persian Gulf as an attractive place for furniture manufacturers

The area of Persian Gulf is today one of the fastest developing markets in the world. The attractiveness of this market for Polish manufacturers is  shown by  the dynamic of planned and started investments in the sectors of medical services, trade, education and individual construction. We should remember that business contacts in the Middle East are based on individual persons.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of those Middle East countries, where furniture sector is developing, but on the other side it doesn’t use its market potential. The shortage of raw material that is need to furniture production for domestic manufacturers, causes the import value higher than the  export value. Such situations can be used by exporters from other countries, who think of expansion for new markets.  This is reflected in the value of imported and exported furniture from Saudi Arabia. According to official UN data, the value of furniture export in 2012 was 76,4 million USD but the value of import was twenty times higher. To Saudi Arabia was imported furniture for the value of 1 546,4 million USD. The value of furniture export from Poland in 2013 to Saudi Arabia according to CSO data is 31,7 million USD, what means a decrease about 27 % in compare to 2012 value.