‚Poles expenses on furniture 2013 ‚ report

For the first time in a long time a nationwide furniture market research took place. The research was resumed from initiative of B+R Studio and prepared with the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers. The results will be available in ‘Polish furniture expenses 2013’ report.

We already know that in 2012  the percentage of people who buy furniture was 23%. The report which will be available in January
will be also simple and helpful tool which brings the answers to questions about the value of furniture industry in 2013. It will be also very sophisticated tool because  it shows the example of  how changing social structures ( education, age, household size) affect on furniture demand.

Undeniably, this report will be very useful tool to everyday work, because it shows the potential of the regions, behavior of people who come from different places and all data are presented with industry commentary that points on significant conclusions from the numbers. So that every user will be guided by the author through the whole material.

Finally, the report is professional tool, because it contains a set of results in the source code that can be used for further own analysis.

Anyone who is interested in the report ‘Poles expenses on furniture 2013’ and who will send data on the following email address brstudio@brstudi.eu, will get a coupon for 10% purchase discount.