Polish Furniture Outlook 2014

„Polish Furniture Outlook 2014” report is the best source of knowledge about polish furniture industry.  This year edition presents  complex changes in Polish furniture production and trade market. Working every day with furniture manufacturers and traders, scientists and practitioners we gather a lot of data, which helps to making a business decisions. Follow their opinion, we are more concentrated on things connected with furniture industry. To determine whether and how the data is significant for you, I reccomend to look at the list of issues presented in the report such as:

  • The report we start from the synthetic presentation of Polish economy results and against this background, we presented Polish furniture industry which didn’t keep the tempo in the last year in compare to developing Polish export.
  • In the report we comprehesively present information about result of furniture inudtsry production in the past year and we also present forecasts for this year, analyse business indicators and we point to trends in entrepeneurs moods.
  • We discuss also chosen financial indicators, so you can estimate the progress of your own company.
  • We relate also to furniture trade organisation in Poland and predictions of situations on domestic individual clients market.
  • In our study you will find the list of the most important furniture manufacturers and sales network. In expanded version you will find the list of 500 biggest companies which produce fuirniture in Poland.
  • The whole report is summed up by the analysis of trade exchange ways, the type of exportem and imported furniture, the dynamic os selected markets and average prices in export.

The report gives you practical tools and arguments to prepare to the SB meeting, trade negotiations, location for distribution networks, estimation of your company situation or contractor’s potential and to prepare or create a target list.

„Polish Furniture Outlook 2014” report allows to minimalize the investment risk, so that is why it should be on the desk or in the tablet of every manager.

Report is available in Polish, English and German.

More details you can find in appendices:

Outlook 2014 eng wyciąg

Outlook 2014-cennik eng

polish outlook 2014 eng