Probable record in furniture production in 2013

Polish furniture industry should be glad of the end of this year. Everything indicates that new record year will be 2013. Data shows that export and furniture production may note a record result. After 10 months, the value of furniture production is 23 billion and 400 million ( without micro companies). Only in October we produced furniture with the value of 2 billion 800 million PLN.

Estimated value of production for the whole population of furniture companies in 2013 will get 30 billion and 500 million PLN. Previous record for 2011 is 30,2 billion PLN. We will keep a very high place in the rank of European furniture manufacturers.

Poland in 2012 in terms of furniture production value in EU was on the 4th position. Just ahead of us are Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

Poland is higher than France and Spain ( data in the table below).

Table 1. Furniture production value of EU countries

Country 2012 
EU 27 86,5 billion euro
Italy 19,6
Germany 19,4
UK 7,5
Poland 6,9 
France 6,6
Spain 5,3

Source: Own estimation based on Eurostat – NACE 31

Furniture industry is  more connected with creative sector. Its success it’s not only because of productive activity. Furniture companies cooperate with external design offices and talented designers. Polish furniture is attractive  and industry understands what means modern design and the role that this design plays.

Creativity along with investments in innovation activities makes Polish specialization – furniture –  an intelligent specialization.