Proud of Polish Furniture – Summary

The main goal of the campaign “ Proud of Polish Furniture” was raising an awareness that furniture is not only thing to use. We wanted to show you, that it’s worth to care for good choice of furniture which meet our expectations. We also wanted to change the mind and attitude. Furniture forms our surroundings. We would like to emphasize that it’s worth to choose furniture made in Poland, designed by talented Polish designers.

Through all time of our activities we also wanted to present furniture industry and show that Polish entrepreneurs succeed in the global economy very often starting from nothing. What is important, despite the success they still realize their further plans. Companies are more modern, bring more innovative solutions becoming a furniture power. Manufacturers, designers and craftsmen can react and very rapidly adapt to the market needs. It’s certainly an advantage of Polish furniture industry.

Every week we gave you key information. We have tried to present that we can be proud of our furniture industry. We believe that motivation didn’t leave us through all the time of this action ( over two years) and many consumers could find that Polish furniture is a good point.

Polish manufacturers are leading furniture exporters. We can produce and sell. We still have to work on the brand – POLISH FURNITURE