The economic situation of furniture production increases

In October 2013 the current estimation for furniture production was higher in compare to other estimated industries.

According to the latest data, the economic situation of furniture production increases. If we compare the latest results for 2013 to the record for furniture industry in 2011 you will find that those for 2013 are better.

Current rate of furniture production in October 2013 was plus 31,4, whereas in September it was 19,5. It needs to be emphasize as first, because it’s the highest rate since the beginning of this year. The second, this result is better than the result of the same period in 2012, when the production rate was only minus 0,2. Data about forecasted furniture production is better now than data noted in 2012. In October of this year the rate was 32,3 whereas in 2012 it was twice as low and it was 14,2.

Those positive estimations of current and forecasted furniture production rate should translate into very good result of furniture sold production value for the whole 2013.