There are more new dwellings, but we furnishing them reluctantly.

Situation in construction industry has a significant role for furniture industry. Negative news coming from the media about worse economic situation in construction is not confirmed by the number of completed dwellings ready to use.  After 5 months of 2013 we observe a slight increase in compare to the same period of last year.

In I quarter of 2012, the number of dwellings ready to use was 36 292, and after a year this number increased to 37 126 – these results are for I quarter of 2013. If we compare results from the beginning of 2013 to the end of may, the number of ready to use dwellings was 57 787 whereas in previous year it was 57 409. A condition of construction industry influences on situation in furniture industry . As we know, weather conditions weren’t  good this year. Works were delayed until April.

Declines – we can determine results of dwelling numbers for which realisation were given building permits and also which construction started. After 5 months a decline was noted:

  • About 26% of dwellings number with given building permits,
  • About 30% dwellings number which construction started in the same period of 2012.

Less new investments forecast less furniture demand for the next few months.

Those numbers indicate on great level of pessimism and customers uncertainty.

Unfortunately, we suspend with the decision according to starting new investments and also those decisions concerned renovations and interior design changes.