Very good results in furniture industry after the first quarter

Good news about furniture industry show the latest data published by CSO. We can confidently say that furniture manufacturers after I quarter of 2014 achieved very good results in compare to the same period of 2013.

There are few factors that contribute to this success. There are for example data about production volume value of selected furniture groups published by CSO. All monitored groups of furniture between I-III 2014 noted the growth of dynamic in compare to the same period of 2013.

The highest dynamic was characterized by kitchen furniture 131,9. In March 2014 there were produced 303 thousand kitchen furniture pieces. That means the growth of volume by 57% in compare to March 2013. In the second place according to volume dynamic growth in I quarter of 2014 is sitting furniture convertible into beds ( dynamic 123,0). The lowest dynamic growth in the same period occurred in wooden furniture used in living rooms (114,1). At the same time this kind of furniture according to volume produced the most. In the period January-March 2014 there were produced 5357 thousand pieces of wooden furniture. Production volume value of wooden furniture used in bedrooms and living rooms in March 2014 in compare to February 2014 noted the negative dynamic which achieved 87,8 and 98,9.

Finally, we can say that kitchen furniture for the first time in a long time achieved such a dynamic growth in volume.