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We, in B+R Studio, deal with furniture market analysis. What is Your need? How we can help You?

Outlook 2013

:: An independent, professional analysis of the broad market or individual strategy to enter the selected foreign market? B & R Studio will prepare a report on your individual request.

:: Do you have any doubts on your’s  results? We can compare the results across the industry or companies producing only a specific type of furniture.

:: You need reliable data on the furniture market for banking institutions?

We prepare the data, confirmed by the authorities of  economic papers „Rzeczpospolita” and „Parkiet”.

You will receive an objective report of a recognized institution, which can be used in the creation of internal documents, or authentication your data for third bodies.

We invite you to select interesting information from the top menu, but please note that you can also get information by calling us directly at phone number +48 790 027 920.

We hope that our services are very usefull for your bussines.