What about the export to the Russian market ?

In recent days, media informs us about another sanctions imposed on Russia and also imposed by embargo empire for Polish vegetables and fruits. Does it also concern our furniture ?

Furniture export to Russia in recent years was growing about 40%, but in 2013 it was 169 million euro. As we can see in official data, from the beginning of 2014 there has been noted a dynamic growth in furniture export, despite of difficult political situation.

The value of exported furniture in the period January-May 2014 was over 77 million euro according to 63,5 million euro in analyzed period of the previous year. The dynamic was 1,22. According to  B+R Studio there is no risk of sanctions for furniture from Russia. Exporters don’t have bad experiences, but in current situation there is a bigger risk.  Due to the saturation of the market by furniture from Poland and slowdown of the growth dynamic, it is possible that we can expect stagnation.

We should notice, that the export of Polish furniture to Russia is only 2,5% of the Polish furniture export value. Therefore, it can be assumed that growing conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the background with Poland, from the point of view the whole industry is not critical.


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