A half year summary of results in furniture production

The value of furniture production by the period January-June 2014 according to the CSO was 15,4 bln PLN. As the same, it is about 14% growth in corresponds to the same period of the previous year. In June 2014, there was produced furniture with the value of 2,4 bln PLN and it’s more about 8% in compare to June 2013. So far, from the beginning of the year to March 2014, there was produced furniture with the highest value that was 2,8 bln PLN. For very good results in production in the first half of 2014 influences data about production volume of furniture groups monitored by CSO. In all furniture groups,  there was noted a volume growth to results by the first half of 2013.

The highest growth in volume dynamic (143,9) was noted for ‚wooden furniture a kind used in kitchens’.  In the second place is ‘wooden furniture a kind of used in bedrooms’ with the dynamic 122,2 according to the same period of 2013. In June, this furniture group was characterized by the highest growth in compare to June 2013 ( the dynamic 134,0). The lowest growth in volume dynamic  in June, occurred for sitting furniture convertible into beds (104,4). Results achieved by manufacturers in the first half of 2014, confirms us, that this year will be a record in terms of value.