‘Analysis of upholstery leisure furniture market 2013’ report

International success of  Polish upholstery furniture is thanks to many domestic companies, because their products have high quality and favorable price. It’s also because of good design and paying more attention on marketing of the highest standard. We shouldn’t  forget that upholstery industry in Poland is a furniture segment, which in times of crisis succeeds mainly due to upholstery furniture converted into beds.

Report ‘ Analysis of upholstery leisure furniture market 2013’ contains detailed analysis of upholstery furniture manufacturers’ offer, which was made by using electronic communication and phones. This catalogue about upholstery furniture manufacturers that produce sofas and couches contains information such as: type of produced upholstery furniture and price range. The report also included information about finishing materials e.g : leather, fabric, eco leather and additional materials such as solid wood, board,  metal. Report provides information about distribution channel for individual players such as:  whether the company has its own showrooms, franchise showrooms  or whether company sells online or through independent showrooms and how many showrooms of every type offer furniture of other companies.

Moreover there are collected and presented financial data for partnerships, based on financial statement of National Court Register.

Report ‘ Analysis of upholstery leisure furniture market 2013’ gives you information of about 150 upholstery furniture manufacturers. On the one hand you get an overview of potential bussiness partners and on the other hand a comprehensive look at your competition offer.

Undoubtedly, it is a strategic knowledge to prepare for the development of trade contacts, assess the attractiveness of our own offer or strategy modification, so that the report ‘ Analysis of upholstery leisure furniture market 2013’ should be on the desk or in the tablet of every manager.

Polish version is available.

English version is available

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