Bussines starter: Furniture market in Qatar

We would like to present  2012 edition  of the publication ‘ Business Starter’.  We wanted to show a situation on furniture market in chosen african countries and  Arabian Peninsula, and also show that for many people Africa is identified as a poor and backward continent which isn’t true.

Another example of a country which confirms our thesis is Qatar which is situated on Arabian Peninsula. With rapid economic growth, Qatar is on of the richest country in the world, which investment are noticeable on international arena.

In the report you will find information about conditions of life, society, economy, turism in Qatar. General data complement  information about furniture market sector, its import and export structure and  also production in the last few years, average prices in furniture import, main furniture suppliers. Additionally  you can find information such as: entry barriers, clients and their preferences, major fairs. All data come from offical sources such as the U.N, International Monetary Fund, the World Factbook, the Ministry of Economy RP and  Polish Embassy in Qatar.

We hope that after reading this report, you will admit that import needs of Qatar create great opportunities for furniture exports from around the world and that Qatar is attractive partner to cooperation.

In the publication we focused mainly on facts and numbers which are presented in  figures and tables, limmiting the commentary. This helps in rapid analysis of material and it’s easier to find necessary data.

We are convinced about  value the merits of this report, so we reccomend it for manufacturers, importers and traders.

You can buy report for the price of  599 PLN ( 149 EUR). Version in English and German on request.

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