Consumers expect to improve the financial situation in household

Rates which describing consumer economic situation, complement the situation in furniture industry. Current and expected individual consumption tendencies among consumers are very important element in the assessment of furniture industry on domestic market.

In the first quarter of 2014, the whole analysed data had better results than in the same time in previous year. Consumer confidence in March of this year was minus 21, but in the previous year 29,4. Despite slightly worse index rates from January, which describe current important purchases those index was characterized by better rates than in the same time of 2013. It is worth to pay an attention on rates about financial situation changes for the next 12 months. In February and March for the first time for a long time, rates were lower than -10 and were respectively minus 8,4 and minus 8,2. In none of month of a previous year the rates of this indicator weren’t lower than -10. The indicator which describes  changes of total economic situation in country, both is past 12 month and the next months got better rates in March 2014 about 12% in compare to March 2013.

Pre-emptive indicator of consumer confidence in March got the rate minus 24,4 what means the improve about 14% in compare to the same time of 2013. The group of people who want to changes in financial situation of household for better, from January is decreasing and in March this indicator was minus 8,2. 12 month earlier the indicator was 15,9. The beginning of this year, means changes in the unemployment level for better. In March 2014 the number of people talking about decrease in unemployment, grew almost by a half in compare to March 2013. The indicator about saving money has similar level for few months and in March it was 32,1.

All components of consumer confidence rate, allow to determine a trend in individual consumption and at the same the phenomena in furniture industry.