Economic situation of domestic and foreign backlog of orders.

In the past few months the moods of managers in furniture industry has improved. Since July relatively has increased the cluster of managers, who predict an increase in orders. From three months, ratings are on the similar level.

Index published by the CSO was as follow:

  • In August plus 28,1,
  • In September plus 33,9,
  • In October plus 31,0,

Whereas in June it was plus 2,1.

Despite, the orders in industry are characterized by a seasonal variability, so in corresponding to the same period of the previous year the forecasts about backlog of orders are much better. Ratings for August, September and October 2012 were as follow: 7,8,    15,2  and 14,4.

The forecast accuracy are confirmed by the assessment ratio about the current stream of orders, which by the last few months have been positive. In October 2013 it was estimated on plus 26,6 which means an increase about over 20 point in compare to August 2013. But in the same period of the previous year the ratings were much worse, because in August and October 2012 it were as follow: minus 13,7 and minus 3,1.

The closer to the end of the year, the forecasts for orders are better. Furniture manufacturers don’t complain about the lack of work, which is confirmed by the current and forecasted backlog of orders. Everything points to the fact that furniture industry will end 2013 in good moods. We can count on a few percent improvement of the record result from 2011.

Economic situation indicators are calculated as the balance of positive and negative ratings formulated by the managers of furniture companies.