Export of furniture from Poland to eastern markets

Soon there will be new report about markets in eastern Europe. The authors  paid the attention to the countries where Polish furniture is exported. Those are:  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Below there is data about GDP of eight European countries, where furniture from Poland is exported. There is mentioned below with GDP data.

The leader among those countries is Russia, which GDP for 2012 is more than 2 trillion  USD. GDP of Russia should increase in the next few years, which is good for trade exchange.

The next are Czech Republic and Ukraine where GDP in 2012 was respectively 196,1 billion USD and 176,2 billion USD. Estonia and Latvia present the lowest economy – respectively GDP are 21,9 billion USD and 28,4 billion USD. In the case of Latvia the forecasts for development are the highest among other countries.