Export of German furniture grows only for non-EU countries.

A key partner of the Polish furniture sector is Germany, so that it’s necessary to monitor this market.

Federal Statistical Office reported, that furniture production value in Germany in 2012 was 16,8 billion euro ( calculated according to NACE 31 code).

Furniture production  in Germany by the period of January-August  noted following results:

  •  In 2012 11,2 billion euro,
  •  In 2013 10 billion euro.

We can expect that 2013 will finish with worse result of furniture production value in Germany,  in compare to 2012.

German manufacturers are mainly disappointed of sales results in the European Union area. But good news is that sales from beyond EU is growing. Sales to those countries by the period of January-August is as follow:

  • In 2012 1,2 billion euro,
  • In 2013 1,3 billion euro.

The dynamic is 106,6.

Comparing the key monitored indicators, the sales for both domestic and foreign in 2013 and 2012 shows a decline. Also furniture import to Germany is not satisfactory. After eight months of 2013 in compare to the same period of the previous year, there is noted a decline. However, checking the value of furniture import from Poland after eight months of 2013 we can see that it increased.

Current unsatisfactory reason that occurs  on German market is mainly  limited consumption in Germany and other EU countries. Clients, in total,  spend less money for  furniture.