Furniture export to Russia and Ukraine against the background of Policy

In the light of growing political conflict in our eastern neighbours it is worth to take a look at the results and forecasts of furniture export from Poland to Russia and Ukraine.

According to official data the furniture export value for both to Russia and to Ukraine in 2013 increased comparing to the previous year. The dynamic was respectively 1,06 and 1,09. The value of exported furniture to Russia in 2013 was 169 million euro and it was fourth times higher than export to Ukraine. But the value of export to Ukraine was 38 million euro.

In the case of Russia where the economic climate is positive, in normal conditions we can again count on a few percentage growth.

In the context  of the last four years it indicates on greater intensity of market by furniture from Poland and slowdown the growth dynamic. Due to political instability in 2014 the result is burdened by high risk and entrepreneurs should take it into account in their strategies. Trade with Ukraine in a very predictable way will be reduced, according to B+R Studio estimations even by 50%. The results of both countries are in total 3% of the Polish furniture export value. It’s very significant value from the point of view of many companies, but it is not critical for the whole industry. At the end we can mention that the total value of furniture export from Poland in 2014 according to B+R Studio estimations will reach 7,2-7,3 billion euro.

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