Furniture increased by 2.5% after four months of 2013 !

Results of the furniture sector according to the latest data, published by CSO are surprisingly good. After four months of this year, furniture industry noted 2,5% increase in production. Bases of good news are debatable.

Total value of sold production for four months of this year ( I-IV 2013) was 9 182, 9 million PLN, whereas  in the comparable period of 2012 it was 8 959, 3 million PLN, hence 2,5% increase in production.

According to the latest data provided by CSO, in April furniture sold production was 2 291,2 million PLN, whereas in march it was 2 321,5 million PLN. After increase in March, sold production noted a slight decline, which is a seasonal  phenomenon.

However, information about production volume in the same period are very different.

Within four furniture groups monitored by CSO, only in the case of wooden bedroom furniture there was an increase in volume by 2,7%. For other groups, there were declines.  Value of volume for seats convertible into beds decreased by 3%, wooden furniture for dining and living rooms over 12% and kitchen furniture by 23%.

We should remember, that groups monitored by CSO are only a part of furniture industry.