Market of built-in furniture in Poland

Dear Sir/ Madame,

We are very pleased to present new report ‘Market of built-in furniture in Poland’, prepared by B+R Studio in the scope of cooperation with Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers. Report, which we give you was dedicated to furniture for  building recesses and anterooms. Furniture market to building recesses is specific segment, because of the purchasing process, which very strongly engaged both: the client and the contractor.

Official sources don’t contain full data, which allows to detailed presentation of this market. At the same, there is no regular gathering system about this market. Report ‘ Market of built-in furniture in Poland’ is especially prepared on the basis of representative group of Poles about purchasing furniture. To fulfill of this information is presented data from the official sources such as CSO. In the report, we analyze furniture purchases to building recesses and bedroom furniture on the background of furniture in total. We consider problems as follows:

–          The percentage of Poles that purchase furniture of this kind,

–          Financial methods,

–          The place of furniture purchasing.

Based on research results, there was  estimated value of bedroom furniture market and furniture for building recesses and anterooms in Poland. Information about the most important suppliers for this market and their offer and also prepared valuation of wardrobe project by representatives of brands, form the whole report.

Information contains in the report ‘Market of built-in furniture in Poland’ is strategic knowledge for furniture manufacturers, who think of starting or developing of their businesses in production of furniture for building recesses in Poland.


Marek Adamowicz D.Sc, the director of OIGPM,

Tomasz Wiktorski D.Sc, the owner of B+R Studio.

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English version on request.

Distribution: Office of The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.

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