Initiatives which changing image of Polish furniture

Industry realizes today, that the ability to compete only on the basis of lower production cost is about to run out. That is why new ideas of industry development are getting real.

Future Apartment – This is the first in Europe sensory laboratory, located in the commercial area. Future Apartment is a realized with Dobroteka liaision – 11 companies situated in the region of Dobrodzień city – traditional furniture basin in  Opole Silesia. Laboratory which inauguration will be very soon, is going to have a form of residential interior. Obtained research results will allow to  determine prefer ways of spatial composition or suggested solutions in economics, design and construction. It will open new perpectives and allow to generale higher added value for furniture brand. Nowadays,  local companies are learning good design by organizing regular exhibitions of graduation works of ASP students from Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice.

Cieszyn Castle – Uninterruped, constant operations lead by institutions which by consequence of involved people and fanatics, are changing the image of Polish design and create Polish brand. Cieszyn Castle and operations of director Ewa Gołębiowska who is also design and enterprises animator,  deserve to mention. Initiatives which generate increased interest, show economic benefits for the use of good design. It’s worth to mention about ‘Silesian Thing’ competition, educational project ‘Summer Design School’ and cooperation as part of ‘Silesian Design Claster’.

Design Night – Furniture industry future  also depends on the individual aesthetic education of each of us, so we have to mention about initiative which has been taken place in Domar Interior Gallery in Wroclaw for several years, that is Design Night.  In June you can find out interesting news from the most important world furniture event – iSaloni – Fairs in Milan. You can talk with designers and see products of Polish manufacturers who were awarded of prestigious prizes RedDot. During the last edition of this event, ‘Must have  from Poland’ exhibition took place. Among those events focused on design(eg. Arena Design, Lodz Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days, Concordia Design, School of Form), furniture is their main meritorical space.


Presented initiatives are only a part of image in changing furniture industry. Perhaps we will get know about their effectiveness for few years, but it’s worth to know that those initiatives are the future of new Polish furniture image.