Interest in Polish furniture still increasing

2014 starts very intensely for furniture manufacturers, who export their products. According to official data, the furniture export value in January 2014 was 653,5 million euro. In compare to December of 2013 it means the growth about 30% (!), but about 9% in compare to January 2013.

Going into details about data of exported furniture value from Poland, we can notice, that export to EU countries reached the value of 560 million euro, but to non EU countries 93,5 million euro.

In compare to the previous month the export to EU countries reached the growth dynamic on the level of 1,32 but furniture export value to non EU countries noted about 12% growth.

It will means the moods’ improvement in EU. But furniture export dynamic counted yr/yr ( January 2013/January 2014) shows better results. In EU countries the dynamic was 1,08 but in non EU countries dynamic was 1,14.

We can confidently say, that Polish furniture has got bigger interest among foreign markets. European markets are still the most important customers of Polish furniture and at the same the popularity of expansion in non EU markets relatively increases.