Manufacturers don’t idle

The beginning of 2014 is very good for furniture manufacturers. It’s pointed by furniture  sold production value data  in January. According to CSO in January the production value was 2 656,6 million PLN, which means the growth by about 16% (!) in compare to the same period of 2013. This is better result  by about 20% in compare to December 2013.

Information about economic situation in the scope of predicted production also keeps in good moods among manufacturers.

Since January the rate of this indicator has been grown. In February this indicator was plus 21,7 in compare plus 11,3 to the last month. Manufacturers estimated January-February of this year as better than the same period of the previous year, where indicator was respectively minus 8,9 and minus 4,6.

It’s worth to mention that such good results a furniture industry in the scope of production value by January and February haven’t reached during few years.

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