Market reports

The main products of B+R  Studio are market reports. We prepare them on our own analysis, based on official data sources. Studies also include the preparation of forecasts or estimations of the specific elements of the market.

We prepare the following types of studies:

  • Reports for supervisory boards
  • Reports for banks
  • The reports for companies audytujących
  • Prospects for development of the situation for a select group of furniture
  • Assessment of the current potential of foreign markets and domestic market furniture
  • Monitoring cyclical industry
  • Evaluation of the potential price of products
  • Monitoring the sale of furniture
  • Other industry analysis tailored to client needs.

In 2010, we have prepared the following reports (selected):

On behalf of Alpha Demuth „Analysis of development opportunities of Ostróda MTM„. The report was used for the application for UE financing of Ostróda exhibition center development, and to negotions with banks for financing the project.

On behalf of the IMS report „Upholstery Forecast 2010-2011„. The report covered the issues of production seasonality and the seasonality of upholstered furniture exports to the selected foregin markets.

On behalf of Gamet SA report „Furniture Market in Poland, with a forecast up to 2013„. A comprehensive, multi-faceted issues report that cover  trends in production, exports and imports of furniture groups, the prices of furniture in foreign trade and economic indicators of polish furniture industry.

On behalf of the factory of furniture fronts Sławpol Ciechanow report „Assessment of the current market situation in the production of kitchen furniture„. The report concerned the current trends in kitchen furniture production .

On behalf of OIGPM (The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers) report „Furniture foreign markets 2010„.  The report described the situation on the markets of the largest Polish furniture partners.

Under the strategic cooperation with OIGPM report „Poles spending on furniture„. The report is avalible for sale. It is describing the furniture market structure in terms of expenditure of various social groups and indyvidual provinces.

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