Monitored furniture groups don’t explain increase in sale

Good results about furniture sold production in the first quarter of 2013 don’t explain data about production volume which are monitored by CSO furniture groups.

After the first half of the year, the amount growth of produced furniture is observed only in the case of seats converted into beds (+2,8%). Reduction in production was showed by CSO in bedroom furniture and living/dining rooms – respectively minus 2,3% and minus 4,6%. But really dramatic decrease in production occurred in kitchen furniture – minus 25,3%. Because kitchen furniture mostly depends on the situation on domestic market, we can infer that clients are careful in taking a decisions.  We should mention that those groups  are about 1/3 of production value in polish furniture industry, which means that increases in production volume should occur in other groups.



Unit 2013 2013 VI I-VI






Absolute numbers  Absolute numbers
Seats converted into beds Thousand units 226 1393 120,9 96,6 102,8
Wooden, kitchen furniture Thousand units 222 1167 84,1 127,6 74,3
Wooden, bedroom furniture Thousand units 220 1356 88,4 104,3 97,7
Wooden, living room and dining room furniture Thousand units 1464 9159 103,9 106,1 95,4



Attention is paid to the fact that in June in relation to three or four discussed groups, there are noted  increases in production in compare to May 2013.

This is quite unusual because of seasonal reasons it was expected production will reduce. This signal can indicate on better situation for furniture industry.