More Poles bought furniture in I quarter of 2014 than in I quarter of 2013

The latest results from studies about furniture purchases of Poles are shown in the report ‘ Poles expenses on furniture 2014’ . During the study 12% of respondents were decided to buy furniture in 2014, whereas in previous year it was 10%. 5% of them is at the stage of choosing furniture, whereas in the previous year it was 3%. 7% of them are planning furniture purchases later than in I quarter of this year. We should take into account that decision-making process during buying furtniture can take six months so due to this situation a large part of respondents couldn’t have a precise plans about furniture purchases or they are waiting for an attractive promotional offer  or better financial situation.


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As it’s in the study the most declared purchase in 2013 was upholstery leisure furniture – 32 % of respondents wanted to buy this kind of furniture. Wooden furniture for dining and living room wanted to buy 25 % respondents. Respectively 15% and 13% of respondents declared in 2013 buying kitchen and bedroom furniture. 11% of respondents declared to buy built-in and anteroom furniture, but 13% of respondents wanted to buy furniture for children and youth.