New export record of Polish furniture industry

B+R Studio has published the latest export forecast. Although difficult conditions, the export increases.B+R Studio forecast are confirmed. It’s estimated that value export forecast in 2013 will reach 6,9 billion euro, that is nearly 29 billion PLN.

The dynamic will reach the level of 1,04. Polish furniture industry will beat the record again. It will export furniture for higher amount than year ago.

Volume export for the whole 2013 should reach 2 712 630,594 million tonnes, according to B+R Studio forecasts.This result  means that dynamic will reach 1,02.

Forecasts of B+R Studio  are confirmed which means, that  although bad conditions on market, Polish furniture industry finds the ways, markets and customers for its furniture.

More details about the export of Polish furniture you will find on 30th of September in the report “ Furniture export forecast 2013” prepared by B+R Studio.