In our offer you will find: market reports, consultancy about furniture market, practical training.

Every service is prepared for individual order of client. Below you can see what kind of services we offer.

Market reports offer:

–          Reports for SB(Supervisory Board)

–          Reports for banks

–          Reports for auditorium companies

–          Perspective of situation development for particular furniture group

–          Estimation of current potential foreign furniture markets and domestic market.

–          Economic situation trade monitoring.

–          Evaluation of product price potential.

–          Furniture sale monitoring

–          Other customized market analyses.


Advisory Services

Preparation of Export Development Strategies

Service includes:

–          Estimation of market enterprise potential

–          Foreign markets’ analysis

–          Barriers to entry

–          Distribution channels

–          Promotion channels

–          Prepare activity schedule

–          Strategy realization monitoring


Searching market niches

Service includes:

–          Production furniture dynamic analysis in the division of more than 30 groups in volume and value.

–          Average prices of produced furniture.

–          Dynamic value  and furniture mass in export and import analysis in the division of more than 40 groups.

–          Estimation of purchasing potential in particular region in Poland or foreign country.


Extended Service:

–          Direct research of individual clients, institutional, manufacturers , traders, suppliers.

–          Other individual elements.


Prepare the application to finance for participation in Fairs as a part of Promotion Program 6.5.2

Service includes:

–          Needs analysis and export abilities.

–          Estimation of cost level  and bailout

–          Filling the application

–          Formal appendices control

–          Realization of application monitoring

–          Settlement application support


Adaptation to current market situation

Service includes:

–          Market situation analysis for particular furniture group.

–          Estimation of  current enterprise market situation

–          Estimation of enterprise position to  brand

–          Offers of correct actions


Obtaining funds for innovation and investments consultancy

Service includes:

–          Analysis of funds source

–          Prepare the application to finance support

–          Preparation of business plan

–          Preparation of feasibility studies

–          Realization of application monitoring

–          Settlement application support


The scope of professional trainings

We provide practical training of the following topics:

–          Preparation of application for participation in the ERO’s OPIE 6.5.2 Promotion Program

–          Acquisition and analysis of market data CSO, Eurostat

–          Foreign markets

–          Material of furniture industry

–          Lumber sorter of general purpose

–          Prevent the biodegradation

–          Course of basic knowledge about wood and wood-based materials


Please contact us to arrange an individual training plan.

We offer a full service training. Training can be funded by the ESF European Union and Human Capital.

We have great coaches as well as we cooperate with respected authorities from Universities, Institutes and Polish industry organizations.


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