Official CSO data confirms predictions of B+R Studio

In the report prepared by B+R Studio ‘ Polish Furniture Outlook 2013’ it was presented data about furniture industry sold production. Next to estimated results by 2012 and data by previous years,  B+R Studio also prepared a forecast for 2013.

Presented estimations in the report – e.g furniture sold production* – are confirmed by official CSO results.

Furniture sold production by B+R Studio was predicted for 26,5 billion PLN and published amount by CSO indicates on 26,4 billion PLN. It means, that in 2012 the dynamic rate was 106.

According to B+R Studio estimations the growth in 2013 will be stable and furniture production value will grow to 28 billion PLN. The dynamic in 2013 should amount to 105,6.

*Furniture sold production – is concerned on the value of selling products which are registered under the code PKWiU 31, regardless of the company code. This is different value than ‘ furniture industry sold production’ where are noted  incomes from selling of all companies registered under PKD 31 code without taking into account what was the subject of transaction.