Official data about furniture production in 2012

CSO has published an official data about sold production value of furniture industry in 2012 – it was 29 billion 734 million PLN. This result is better than forecasted result given by B+R Studio which was 29,4 billion PLN in the report ‘ Polish furniture Outlook 2013’ ,

At the same time CSO significantly revised data about sold production of furniture industry in 2011 from 31,7 billion PLN to 30 billion 181,8 million PLN. The result from 2011 is still record result, but simultaneously the growth dynamic 2011/2010 is lower, as well as the dynamic 2012/2011 is less negative.

Data about furniture sold production value by 2012 in compare to 2011 indicate a decline of sold production value equal to 447,8 million PLN and growth dynamic was 98,5. Unfortunately it is not good information for furniture industry and connected sectors, although before the  revision of result  from 2011, a reduction in production was estimated at more than 7%.

Good news is data about sold production value for the period of I-V 2013. Furniture sold production value for those 5 months was 11 317,4 million PLN. Whereas in the same period of 2012 furniture sold production was 11 015,2 million PLN.  The dynamic by the period I-V was 102,7 what can be a good forecast for this year.