Optimistic previews for 2014

Consumer economic situation improves, which means that 2014 can be very successful for the furniture industry. We can expect a few percent growth in 2014. It has its justification on the basis of estimates of following consumer confidence index, describes expected trends in individual consumption in coming months – it grew by 1,1.

Observed  from six months the growth of consumer confidence index,  on which the influence has got its components: further saving money and further unemployment allows to see 2014 in optimistic way. Certainly you can expect a slight recovery on domestic market.

The coming year can also be important in development and progress of furniture industry especially an  intelligent specialization. Furniture industry achieves success and strengthens cooperation with creative sector that are design and science. Furniture sector has the ability to implement and create an innovation.

The involvement and cooperation give a chance to treat Polish furniture as an intelligent specialization. We should use our possibilities such as European funds which provide resources for  innovations. The budget of cohesion policy on 2004-2020 Poland will get 82,5 billion Euro, of which 8,6 billion euro goes to intelligent development and 4,4 billion euro to education, knowledge and development. Polish companies have got an opportunity, which should be used.