Philosophy of the Apartment of the Future

In Dobroteka you will find the first in Europe research laboratory ‘Apartment of the Future’, independent of research centers  that doing research. This is the project that puts researchers, designers and furniture manufacturers together. ‘Apartment of the future’ is a specialized room for scientific study of products and attitude of customers, towards new technology, technological solutions, preference of design and furnishing products ergonomics.  Laboratory will have a form of residential interior with installed system of cameras and videos and also special sensors connected with computers.  This system will enable precise registration and measurement of those parameters in consumers  behavior, which point to their relations to features of tested furniture and furnishing elements. Basic analytical method in laboratory will be behavioral studies.

The whole interior of 120 square meters is fully integrated and comprehensive space, where you can spend any time on live testing of installed systems in it. However, the entrance to the Apartment is possible only  by prior appointment. Opening soon. If you would like to realize some studies, please contact me: