‘Poles Expenses on Furniture 2014’ report

I’m very pleased to present you the lastest report ‘ Poles Expenses on Furniture 2014’. The methodology made by experts from B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis and The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers allowed us to analyse another phenomena on furniture market.

In the report we analyse furniture purchases divided into groups such as: upholstery leisure furniture, for dining and living room, office, bedroom, youth and kids, kitchen furniture (self-assembly or size), built-in or anteroom. To improve our report, in this edition it is expanded by:

–          Selected aspects of preferences such as: types of upholstery fabrics, material chosen to cabinet furniture, the colour of youth and kids furniture.

–       Financial methods of furniture purchases, that is: savings, credits, current funds and other methods which are depend on education of respondents.

–          Correlations of respondents’ age and declarations about upholstery leisure and cabinet furniture purchases and other.

–          The dependence of purchased furniture e.g. kitchen and the place of buying.

–          Distribution of amounts spent on furniture.

This is the best source of information about purchasing practices of Poles. The report ‘Poles Expenses on Furniture 2014’ is a professional tool which contains a set of results in the form of source and which can be used to further, own analyses in SPSS, Matlab or Excel programmes. That is why, with all responsibility we can recommend you the report ‘Poles Expenses on Furniture 2014’ as the best source about purchasing practices of Poles and at the same as useful tool for those, who want to increase their sales value on domestic market.


Marek Adamowicz D.Sc, the director of OIGPM office

Tomasz Wiktorski D.Sc, the owner of B+R Studio



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