Polish furniture but which?

For several years, I have been listening different discussions about finding the best way to promote Polish furniture. Major players for over ten years realize, that export of Polish furniture is very important position in international statistics and our furniture is the best export product.

It generates the biggest foreign exchange balance among all industries, that is over 10 billion PLN in 2010. I’m not furniture manufacturer or marketing expert, but I’m an analyst with doctorate, who has described furniture trade for 8 years. I was also lecturer so I think I have absolute right to say something, based on my observations of furniture industry in Poland with some distance.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers in 2001 started discussion about a symbol which could characterized Polish furniture. Symbol which could promote industry in Poland and other countries. The best symbol which ‚won’, pictured wardrobe and a chair against Polish flag. ‘ Polish furniture, proven quality’. I have been involved in developing  of rules for the use of a symbol. Very ambitious, underlining the importance of product development, design, furniture testing, quality assurance. Unfortunately, the symbol didn’t catch on. There was no determination, idea for the campaign, promotion and money.

In 2006 in Poznan, OIGMP again organized conference ‘Furniture as a pride of Poland’. Over 60 people with the Ministry of Economy discussed about successes and complaints of industry. The result of this discussion was preparation to operation of  6.5IE OPpromoting Polish economy on the international stage. At the right time the Board reported to the Ministry of Economy furniture as a promotion product. The Ministry of Economy accepted this proposal on the first place among 15 industries. From the financial point of view 2007-2013, program which cost over 78 million euro is still not available for industries.


Regardless of financing way and despite of seeing a need to promote industry, there are no willing to take a collaborative effort.  Some will say, that so far there are no good ideas on how this promotion is supposed to look, but on the other hand no one wants to answer  the question about the idea. Many people are afraid to be involved in activities which promote whole industry, because as a result, others have benefits from the effort of group of people.