Poles expenses on furniture. Market report 2013

We would like to present you the latest edition of the report ‘ Poes expenses on furniture 2013’ with  results of our own research, which has been conducted on representative group of Poles. It is prepared by expert of B+R Studio – furniture market analysis and The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.

In the report you will find:

  • What will be the dynamic and the value of furniture individual clients’ market in Poland in 2013 ?
  • How much percent  sale we can expect in every voivodeship ?
  • How much money Poles spend on furniture ? Which kind of furniture they choose  ?
  • Is it worth to place the store in the mall?
  • How to prepare an offer for different furniture types in term of price ?

In the current report edition we presented more than just a furniture market. We presented information from official sources about furnishing products what is very important  information for trades and manufacturers. In the second part of report there are information on:

  • How did expenditures on home appliances, carpets, glass, textiles and furniture change in last years ?
  • How much self-employed, employees, farmers and pensioners spend on these products?

It is hard to imagine how much useful details you can find in the report which as a professional tool, contains set of research results in the source code that can be used for further analysis in SPSS, Matlab or Excel programs.

If you have a feeling that furniture sale in Poland has changed, but you don’t have a credible data – ‘Polish furniture expenses 2013’ is the best source for your answers. It explains step by step intricacies of processes that affect your business.

Do you want to be better than competition ? so the report ‚Poles expenses on furniture. Market report 2013’ should already be on your desk.

Polish and English version is available.

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