Polish furniture purchasing potential

In June edition of Informational Bulletin of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, it was published an article of B+R Studio. Its author, Milena Dorozińska based on the report ‘Poles expenses on furniture 2014’ prepared by B+R Studio and OIGPM, indicates on what is a purchasing furniture potential in Poland and where is worth to invest its sale.  In addition, it ensures that ‘Poles expenses on furniture 2014’ report is the source of reliable knowledge, because of its need, it has been made research on representative group of Poles.  What is more, you can find in Bulletin an article about summary of OIGPM activities in 2013. You will read about continuation of cooperation with B+R Studio in the scope of seminars, conferences, developing and publishing market reports about furniture industry.

Every information you will find here:   http://www.oigpm.org.pl/files_upload/meble_news_copy6.pdf



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