Production volume decreases

Results for the first two months confirm earlier opinions, that 2013 will be difficult for Polish furniture manufacturers.

Data about the production volume of four furniture groups monitored by CSO, after first two months of 2013 can be worrying for furniture manufacturers. The biggest number of produced units was noted in the group of wooden furniture for dining and living rooms. In total for January and February 2013 it was 3 107 thousand units, what estimated only 86,5 % of productionof the same period in 2012. Similar dynamic was observed for seats converted into beds (82,4%) and kitchen furniture (85,9%).

Total result for January and February of 2013 is only in one case better than in the same period of 2012. The result concerns on group of wooden furniture for bedrooms. It was noted small a half percentage growth (100,5%).

If we compare only this year situation in February to 2012 situation, production volume decreased in all monitored furniture groups. The smallest decline was in wooden furniture for bedrooms and the biggest was in seats converted into beds.

We should remember that furniture groups monitored by CSO are only few percent of production volume in furniture industry. Moreover, data about production value of small , medium and large companies quoted in previous commentary, indicate on comparable result from January and February to this from year ago.

After first few months of this year, there isn’t good news. Manufacturers have to find new markets.