Season for the industry is coming

September will be full of important events for furniture industry in which it’s worth to participate. Firstly, we can know the situation of furniture industry and secondly, what are the forecasts for its future situation.

The event that we can’t miss is the 40 Anniversary International Furniture Fair in Ostróda. It will took place between 3rd – 6th of September 2013. It is one of the most important events in furniture industry.

The second day in Ostróda – 4th September, two workshops will be lead by D. Sc. Tomasz Wiktorski. Te titles of those workshops are ‘ Export of Polish furniture for Eastern Europe markets’ and ‘ Upholstery furniture market in Poland’.

Moreover in Dobroteka which is situated in Dobrodzień, it will take place Furniture Fairs Dobrodzień 2013 between 30th of August  and 15th  of  September. In the first month after holidays, we can expect also two events in Warsaw which are connected with furniture industry. Those are: ‘Warsaw International Interiors and Design Exhibition’ and  ‘ Office Fair 2013’.